Here’s to The Ladies!

I’m thinking of the women in my life. I know how that may be uncharacteristic of me considering how gay I am but a shirtless picture of me got me thinking of the women in my life. My mother. She put up with my crap both literally all those years ago and figuratively now yet she still loves me. My little sisters Lucy and Suzy. The both of you light up my life in ways you will never understand. Annemarie. My rock. My confidant. My anchor. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Liz. I don’t tell you this enough but you’re awesome! Rhoda, you also put up with a lot of my crap and I still love you for it. Lorna. You are an inspiration. Njoki. Your resilience moves me! Abby. Strong, beautiful, full of life and oh so brilliant. Alexandra. What can I say, you are both brilliant and incredibly beautiful! Florence. You push me to places I never thought I’d ever get and I love you for it. You are not the only ones…just the few that could be mentioned at this time of the night…

Women have to go through so much in their lives. Regardless of class or position. They have to deal with being objectified and when they get empowered, they have to deal with being called a bitch for being empowered. Is this really the world we want to live in? Where people get treated differently because of who they are? Where women are paid less, are mistreated, are viewed as weaker just because they happen to be women? That is not the world I want to live in. And my shirtless toast is to every woman out there. Without you, I wouldn’t exit. Without you, the world would crumble. Without you, we are nothing. Here’s to you! Stay strong!

Anthony Oluoch

I am a lawyer, a brother, a son, a friend, a neighbor, a confidant, a student of life and I am Kenyan. Became a human rights activist so suddenly sometimes I ask myself if this really is something I wanted. But I have come to embrace it. I have come to realize that I like what I do. That on some level, what I do makes life easier for someone and hopefully, eventually, for myself…Probably the best way to describe me is in the words of Winston Churchill, I am a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

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