Breaking The Silence – Ethiopia

Due to safety concerns, Padded Cell Podcast did not find a host and guest based in Ethiopia. Bahiru Shewaye, an Ethiopian born activist hosts this episode with Zelly, a poet, writer, performance artist and human rights activist. They are both co-founders of House of Guramayle. In this conversation, they talk about their various coping mechanisms, dealing with anxiety and depression and the importance of knowing who you are. They also stress the need to be kind to each other, and ourselves.

Anthony Oluoch

I am a lawyer, a brother, a son, a friend, a neighbor, a confidant, a student of life and I am Kenyan. Became a human rights activist so suddenly sometimes I ask myself if this really is something I wanted. But I have come to embrace it. I have come to realize that I like what I do. That on some level, what I do makes life easier for someone and hopefully, eventually, for myself…Probably the best way to describe me is in the words of Winston Churchill, I am a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

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