Bahiru Shewaye

Bahiru Shewaye is a filmmaker and storyteller from Ethiopia. He had to exile from his home country and is now based in London, UK. He is using his passion and expertise of storytelling to publish a research project titled ” Estrangement and Home in Queer Asylum Stories ” in collaboration with academicians.

Bahiru is the Cofounder of House of Guramayle, a platform that advocates for the respect and dignity of the LGBTI+ Ethiopian community. Within House of Guramayle, he runs a podcast called Alen Show to demystify misconceptions about queer people and most importantly working on Counter narrative.

…this too will end

Due to safety concerns, Padded Cell Podcast did not find a host and guest based in Ethiopia. Bahiru, an Ethiopian born activist hosts this episode with Zelly, a poet, writer, performance artist and human rights activist. They are both co-founders of House of Guramayle. In this conversation, they talk about their various coping mechanisms, dealing with anxiety and depression and the importance of knowing who you are. They also stress the need to be kind to each other, and ourselves.