Let’s Write!


Since a majority of us are in isolation, or quarantined, or are on lock-down due to COVID-19, why not tell some stories.

It would give us a chance to get into another world. One that we have created. A world where we are in control. It would also give us a chance to look forward to something every day. Something that we are creating.

There are no rules with regards to what we feel comfortable writing. It could be a poem, fiction, something that is currently happening or has happened in your life, it could be anything.

Since most of us are working from home and time might be limited, the challenge is that you aim to write at least 750 words a day for 21 days. What we do with our creations, we can discuss in due time. Just write.

There are times when it will be difficult to complete the 750 words, but that is okay. It will be fun. It will be something that we will look forward to doing every day. At the end of it, you will have something. Anything. And we can share with each other our own very unique, very different creations.

Let’s start writing on Friday 27th March 2020 and finish on Friday 17th April 2020.



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Let’s finish our story!

We only start on Friday so that we all have some time to think about what it is we want to write and mentally prepare ourselves for the challenge.

Now It is possible that you will start writing something and three days in, decide to start afresh. That is entirely alright. It is also possible that you are not able to write the 750 words per day on some days. That is also okay. That is the challenge. Some of us will write 750 words a day, others will struggle with that word count while others (and I am looking at you person who has written many books) will write many more words than that. This is also okay.

The point of this is to get us to tap into our creative sides. Get us all out of the boredom of the isolation and into a world which we are passionate about.

Which brings me to the fact that there is really no theme. Write something you WANT to write. If you want to write about your experiences in a lock-down, do it! If you want to write a thriller, do it! If you want to write song lyrics, I will sing it (HA!). If you want to write erotica, go for it! There is no theme. Just write whatever is on your mind. There will be no judgement.

Just a sharing of our collective brilliance! x

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